Our drive

We are committed to offer you high quality tools that allow you to diagnose TCP/IP based services over the internet. With the upcoming wave of IPv6 implementations, we try to program our tools with IPv6 and IPv4 in mind.

Design, functionality and features are the core elements we try to incorporate into each tool. If you feel that our tools or services could be improved or that a vital tool is missing from our tool set, please let us know and help us improve our set of online tools.


May 2013

We changed our website design from a basic template to a fully responsive design. This allows our tablet and smartphone users to use our tools even better.

April 2013

We added two new tools to our site: MTU test and HTTP Header test. The MTU test tools allows you to test the Maximum Transmittion Unit between our host and given destination. The HTTP Header tools show the headers from any given web-enabled service and the redirects it encounters. Both tools offer unique features not found elsewhere on the web..